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Past Transactions


188 W St James Street Unit #10510-0 (1).png
web site-4710 Williams Road-0.png
Sold of 144 S 3rd St #510-0 (3).png
144 S 3rd St #510-0 (1).jpg
SOLD card-2.png
Sold- 418 Royale Park Drive-1.png
Sold-4029 Freed Avenue.png
Sold Flyer.png
Sold-144 S Third St #335-1 .png
SOLD flyer.png
3665 Calico Ave-0 (2).jpg
4029 Freed Avenue-0.jpg
47462 Mission Falls CT, Fremont, CA 94539-0 (2).jpg
In the Contract-144 S Third St #335-0 (1).jpg
Pending-709 San Conrado Ter#2-0.jpg
2288 Bray Avenue-0.jpg
SOLD-38027 Dundee Cmn-0 (1).jpg
Sold - 425 Carpentier Way-0 (2).jpg
0401-280 Silvera St. Milpitas-0 (1).jpg
0401-39610 Trinity Way-0 (1).jpg
0323-Copy of 3380 Router Cmn-0.jpg
螢幕擷取畫面 2022-05-04 160216.jpg
0311-366 Stacey Common, Fremont, California 94539-0.jpg
0311-256 La Honda Drive, Milpitas, California 95035-0.jpg
480 Ella Drive111-0.jpg
1223-3642 Ross Avenue, San Jose 95124-0 (2).jpg
1203-4889 Banberry-0.jpg
1115-Copy of Template-0.jpg
1027-1218 Dahlia Loop.jpg
1018-1358 Foxworthy Ave..jpg
螢幕擷取畫面 2022-05-05 125004.jpg
0903-637 Lisa.jpg
0423-1035 Johnson Ave.jpg
0412-5032-July teset-0.jpg
0409-2963-July teset-0.jpg
3380-July teset-0.jpg
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