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Proper Presentation Can Be Worth Thousands!

Spring is here and sellers are out in full force. With the amount of properties currently

on the market, there’s heavy competition for buyer interest. The ability for a property

to attract as many buyers as possible could result in thousands of extra dollars going

into the seller’s pocket! Let’s take a look at what it takes to get buyers interested.

Be “Move In” Ready

Most buyers want to move in right away. “Move-in” ready means the new owner does

not have to spend time or money on repairs or major renovations. All aspects of the

building are structurally sound. Heating and plumbing are in good working order. All

appliances are operational. And, there are no major cosmetic flaws inside or outside of

the home.

Be Market Ready

“Market Ready” relates to the cosmetics of the home and how it appeals to potential

buyers. Homes that feature current design elements tend to catch the eye and interest

of buyers than those with more dated elements. For example, buyers tend to favor

granite counter tops in the kitchen and hardwood floors in main living areas over

laminate counter tops and carpeting.

The challenge for sellers in this area is to figure out the best ways to make

improvements in the property without over or under spending. That’s where I come in

very handy. I know how to get a home “market ready” without breaking the bank!

Present the “Dream”

Buyers need help envisioning their “Dream” home. The use of the seller’s furniture and

décor usually yields a “nice” presentation at best. However, a professionally staged

home gets the “Oohs and Ahhs” that get buyers to dig deeper into their pockets.

One of the biggest concerns sellers have with regard to professional staging is the cost.

While there is a cost to professionally stage a home, studies have shown this is one of

the most effective areas sellers can invest in the marketing of their home.

The days of putting a home on the market in any condition and having it still sell right

away are over. It’s time for sellers to compete and I can help them win! I would love to

help you (or someone you know) with my winning strategy. Let’s get started today!

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